International Songwriting Competition winning hip hop group Indelible’s debut album Our Present Future is a must-have for those who love infectious beats and provocative, smooth rhyme-flow. The Vancouver area alternative hip hop duo, made up of brothers J Thorn (vocals, keys, programming, production) and Illucid (vocals, production), have years of experience contributing to other various collaborations and projects. Emerging from the obscurity of local underground shows and years of refining their sound, they have gained a new level of focus and are building a lasting fan base.

Now suitably presenting themselves to the world as Indelible, they have had tracks reach top 10 charts on both commercial and college radio. Their positive, upbeat brand of music has made a lasting impression amongst their peers and garnered them recognition as winners or finalists in several songwriting competitions. The release of Our Present Future, which features guest appearances by Moka Only, Blaming Taylor, Lil Precious, and Jahranimo, was a turning point in Indelible’s career resulting in over 4,500 album sales so far, numerous accolades, and handfuls of Canadian tours. They’ve rocked crowds opening for Swollen Members, Classified, Choclair, Moka Only, Snak The Ripper, Sweatshop Union, Kyprios, Zion I, Josh Martinez, Evil Ebenezer, and many more. They have been awarded grant funding from FACTOR (the Foundation to Assist Canadian Talent On Recordings) to help them create awareness for their music, most notably a juried sound recording grant for their upcoming album Long Run Home, which will be released this June (2013).

Indelible is real, powerful, and confident, with no gimmicks. With their alternative twist the music speaks to people in a way you don’t often find in rap and hip hop. Our Present Future connected with many people and left fans wanting more – and with more purpose than ever, the upcoming album Long Run Home will prove worth the wait.